RIO ROCCA wines, Berzmein (100% marzemino) e Caberzmein (80% cabernet sauvignon e 20% marzemino)
Our wines are prepared following natural methods and contain no additives or any other chemical substances.
The wine mature in French oak barrels for a full year before being bottled.
Marzemino (balsamino, berzemino or belzamino) these are only some of the names that have being given to this kind of wine through the years, and historically it has always been cultivated in this area.
The name of this wine is connected to a legend that explains how Marzemino wine originated in a very ancient town next to the Black Sea named ‘Merzifon’.
During the years of the Trojan Wars (1193-1183 B.C.) the wine, was brought by some people escaping the wars through the Adriatic Sea to Northern Italy.
In our region this derivations of this wine has always been used to produce balsamic vinegar.
According to historical documents in 1046 Queen Matilde di Canossa‘s father Bonifacio donated this special vinegar to the German emperor Henry III.
This wine has also touched the heart and fantasy of a more recent artist in 18th century.
The name of this wine is in Mozart‘s very famous Don Giovanni’s opera and was thus sang for the first time in Prague in 1878.
In the XV Scene of the Second act of the Opera the Lyrical singer Don Giovanni at the table happily orders his servant Leporello ‘ Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzimino!’ – Pour the wine the exquisite Marzimino–.
In the scene Marzimino wine is immediately associated with the eating of a tasty piece of Phasan ‘Questo pezzo di fagiano piano piano vo´ a inghiottir’.